It is with heavy heart that we announce that our carwash at Volvo/Furuset is now closed - due to Volvo needing the area for other purposes.

Gardermoen and Alnabru off corse welcome you as before.
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Truck wash is our specialty. This is what we know best. Truck wash is about increasing your vehicle's longevity and giving it an increased and better marketing value.
We always have this mind when we clean your truck.

All our 3 truck washes are valeted. We do exterior cleaning, inside; trailer washout as well as disinfecting, acid wash - all to ensure both the vehicle and your next transport.

Exterior cleaning is usually done with an automatic roll-over machine, while inside trailer washout we do manually.

However, we do always assist the machine on the exterior as well. We know from experience where the dirt hides and where the machines cannot reach properly.

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Avd. Gardermoen

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Avd. Furuset/Volvo
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Our facility at Gardermoen is truly unique - with two runways - 54 meters long and 17 meters wide. We can clean 4 trailers at the same time.

You find us at Gardermoen Business Park - just behind Coop's main warehouse.

Open night&day from monday 7am to saturday 6pm. Sunday 9am to 6pm

Gardermoen allè 90,
2067 Jessheim
(Behind the COOP-building)

Just outsde our truckwash you will find an YX-station where you can fill diesel.

Truck wash is also about the drivers
While the your truck gets cleaned, you can relax in our lounge with a coffee or hot chocolate.
At Gardermoen we also have showers for both men and women, toilets as well as a washing machine for clothes and a tumble dryer.
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At our truck wash at Alnabru we just do trailer washout. We shouldn´t really say "just" - because anyone in the business of transportation knows how critically important it is to have access to washout service.

Here we also offer you a sofa and a coffee while you are waiting for your truck to be ready for the next delivery.

Knut Bryns vei 1, 0581 Oslo

Monday 07-15
Tuesday to friday 07-22
Saturday/Sunday 08-16


Contact Trine at our office and have your company registered.
Call Trine on +47 32 24 44 00 or email rensia@rensia.no. It only takes a few minutes before you can wash your truck easily - and get your invoice by email.

You will find us here:


Gardermoen allè 90,
2067 Jessheim
(Behind the COOP-building)

Open from monay 07am to saturday 6pm - sunday from 7am to 6pm

Knut Bryns vei 1,
0581 Oslo

Tuesday to friday 07-22
Saturday/Sunday 08-16
Monday 07-15
Don´t hesitate to contact us on tel 32 24 44 00 or rensia@rensia.no if you have any questions or you need more information.